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Yoga for Emotional and Physical Health

There is no doubt that we are living in a challenging time, right now. Regardless of who you are or where you live, COVID-19 is probably impacting you in some way. While we currently don’t have the ability to serve our guests, we still want to connect. We hope to provide any kind of resource that we can even if that just means making suggestions on how to manage the stress of the current situation. Yoga has always been an activity whose healing powers we greatly value at Xbalanque Resort - not only for its impact on the health of the body, but also the mind. If you have been struggling with both the emotional and physical impacts of stress, integrating a yoga practice into your routine has the potential to reduce effects of anxiety and improve your overall sense of well-being. 

During daily life, we are constantly being bombarded with news updates and social media posts about the threats that we are all facing. While that is a necessary safety protocol, it also initiates our stress response and puts us into “fight or flight” mode. That’s not a state that we are meant to be in for long periods of time and if we are, the chronic stress can have a profound impact on our health. Yoga allows us the opportunity to guide our body into a relaxed state. Doing so disengages us from our threat response and allows our bodies to experience the rejuvenating power of calmness.  

In addition to the positive physiological effects of yoga, there are also many mental advantages. Being stressed often puts us in a future-oriented focus as we worry about what is going to happen in a few days, weeks, or months. When engaging in yoga practice, you have the freedom to be fully present in the moment and let your concerns drift away. Even if it’s only for a brief period of time, you get to be in the “now.” You’ll experience profound positive impacts from letting your attention be rooted in your body and where you are in that moment of time. The added benefit is that the more you practice being present and attaching your attention to “now”, the more you’ll be able to carry that approach into daily life outside of yoga. 

As we continue to navigate this difficult time, we encourage you to make time for yourself. Prioritize your mental and physical health, and yoga is a great way to do that. Once we get through this difficult time, we invite you to Roatan to attend one of the many yoga retreats that we host at Xbalanque Resort. As a guest, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from expert instructors, take your practice to the next level, and optimize your overall well-being. Our custom yoga pavilion sits in a tranquil location up on the hill next to the strong and inspiring Higero Tree. After a few days of connecting with the elements, you’ll leave feeling revitalized and ready to rebuild.

Yoga Pavilion at Xbalanque Resort

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