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How Xbalanque Came to Be More Than a Resort

How Xbalanque Came to Be More Than a Resort

As soon as you set foot onto the immaculate grounds of Xbalanque Resort, you’ll sense that it is different than most resorts. You won’t feel as though you’ve just arrived at hotel, but rather it’s as though you’ve been invited into someone’s passion project. You’ll notice that great care has been put into every single detail, big or small. Above form and function, you’ll find the designer’s intention to evoke certain feelings and emotions - tranquility, contentment, and ease. If you stop and think to yourself “whoever created this magical retreat did so with the same meticulousness they would their own home,” then you would be right.

Xbalanque Resort owner, Patsy Bracy, never intended to build a resort. She simply wanted to design an island retreat where she could spend time with her family. Along with her husband and children, she had been visiting the island for years. They were drawn in by the slower pace, world-class diving, and opportunity to connect as a family in ways they didn’t at home. As the idea for a vacation home slowly developed into that of a boutique resort, the commitment to provide guests with those same feelings and experiences came with it. You’ll see evidence of this everywhere as you notice tucked-away and inviting areas to enjoy conversation, a calendar full of activities and events, and meals designed to be enjoyed without a timeline. Patsy didn’t just build a resort, she expanded her home and invites guests to come enjoy it with their own families.

As you glance around, you’ll notice tangible personal touches that Patsy has put on the place. Almost nothing there is present just by chance. Every single piece of furniture and artwork was hand- selected by Patsy, most while traveling the world and whose significance extends far beyond just the aesthetic. Even the resort’s namesake has a meaning that’s deeply personal. In Mayan history comes a tale of a set of twin heroes who brought down the lords of the underworld. The twins were complements of each other with Hunahpu, representing the moon, and Xbalanque, representing the sun. Patsy is the mother of a set of male and female twins, and the name was chosen as a representation of her catalyst for building the resort - her family.

Xbalanque Resort isn’t just intended to be a resort. It’s meant to be so much more. Our hope is to create a space where guests can enjoy experiences and make their own memories with loved ones. The devotion to this goal is seen in everything from design features to staff members. Guests are invited to come indulge in the magic of Xbalanque Resort, a retreat from the ordinary.

Artwork displayed at the resort that features images of Xbalanque and Hunahpu

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Xbalanque is a luxury boutique resort nestled in the West Bay area of Roatán, conveniently located midway between West Bay Beach and West End Village. Surrounded by natural jungle and a private beach, Xbalanque exudes tranquility. Modern decor and high-end furnishings provide pampering accommodations. With one to four bedroom options, Xbalanque can meet any of your accommodation needs. The resort offers an onsite five star restaurant and bar, rooftop lounge, spa, gym, yoga and event pavilion.



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