A 4000+ sq. ft. Roatan private villa located on the lush grounds of the nine acre Xbalanque estate.

Heliconia offers four spacious bedrooms, four baths, living and dining area, full kitchen, and a private pool.

Access to the beach is just two minutes away by a nature trail or golf cart.

Heliconia is the perfect escape and luxury oasis.

The multiple story villa is built into the land with several deck patios, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and delicately chosen features of design to make your stay more comfortable and unique.

Heliconia is aptly named after the multiple varieties of Heliconia flowers that surround all of Xbalanque resort, but specifically our one-of-a-kind Roatan private villa. It is the perfect place for large groups, reunions, families, or anyone looking to have all the conveniences of staying in a resort while maintaining the comforts of being in a home.

Heliconia is a Roatan Luxury villa offering:
- Private Infinity Pool with Heated Spa                - Four Bedrooms With Private Baths
- Fully Equipped Kitchen                                      - Living/Dining Room
- Access to Beach by Nature Trail or Golf Cart     - Spacious Decks


Attached single-bedroom apartment:
One Bedroom with Bath
Efficiency Kitchen